I may be stating the obvious here but I’ll say it anyway – my life wholly and completely revolves around cooking, creating and celebrating food. I could be whipping up a mid-week dinner for Linds and Hudson, creating and testing recipes with my culinary team, picking veggies and herbs from the garden, hanging out at the Farmer’s Market on the weekend, watching a game with mates and eating pork sliders, whatever the occasion, you can bet your bottom dollar that food is the common denominator! My blog honours my food life from sourcing and growing my own food to presenting it beautifully on a plate.

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  1. 3/13/2014

    Enjoyed your posts on visits to Ocean Mist Farms. In the spirit of visiting local producers, would love to invite you and your team to California Olive Ranch in northern California this harvest season late Oct/early Nov. Come visit and learn how world class quality extra virgin olive oil is being created right here in California!

  2. Pam Caputo

    Your Swiss Chard looks amazing! And that pup is a beauty! Lots of luck and best wishes on your new restaurant. We live north of Austin and hope one of these days, you’ll open a spot here in Texas.

  3. Terri Henry

    I watched all your ‘Take Home Chef’ shows. Loved them.

  4. Gwynne Elliott

    sign me up please!

  5. Norma

    Have been following your career for awhile now.
    I have spent time in Castroville myself, although I had over a decade of culinary experience I had never worked with artichokes and so I made it a point to be there during harvest about 6 years ago. I ate nothing but for days!

    Thank you for sharing your blog with us.

  6. Amy

    I just found out you had a blog (where have I been?) But I got an email announcing your upcoming cookbook. When it is available, there is no doubt in my mind that I will get it. I have your “What’s for Dinner?” cookbook and have made at least 9 recipes out of it! That is more recipes out of one cookbook that I own (and that is a lot) that I have ever made. I’ve been telling everyone how pleasant the recipes are in there and takes the guess work out of what to cook. The recipes are fresh healthy ingredients and I love that you have the main dish and side to go with it included. I can go on forever about fantastic that cookbook is but I won’t. But I am grateful to have a platform to THANK YOU for the care and attention that went in with that cookbook and I look forward to your next one!!!

    • Cook Create Celebrate

      Hi Amy,

      Thanks so much for your kind message! We’re so happy that you’ve gotten a lot of use out of “What’s For Dinner?” Curtis’s next cookbook will be available in April/May of next year. Thanks again for writing to us!

      Best Wishes,
      Curtis’ Team

  7. Palak Choudhari

    Hi ! I’m a huge fan of your cooking. I have been following your recipes since I started watching masterchef Australia. You are an amazing cook. My only request is it will be wonderful if you post some vegetarian dish (I’m a vegetarian). You inspire me and I would love to see you cook a dish which I can try. :) lots of love and wishes

  8. Vikie

    Hi Curtis!
    I dearly love your naming your place after your “NAN”! Being a Nan myself,
    I hope and pray that someday my grandson will find his passion as you have, and share it!
    Food and serving is my passion as well! Love, Love all your tips and ideas! Though I will never get to taste your creations first hand, I have tried my hand at some…..wonderful! God bless you and your beautiful family!!!

  9. Melinda Sue


    You were amazing on “Iron Chef America”. Even though Bobby Flay ended up winning you did an amazing job!

    My brother is lactose intolerant and it is hard for my mom to cook stuff with no dairy in it. Do you have any recipes that contain NO DAIRY whatsoever? Any help would be appreciated.

    Your Las Vegas fan,
    ~Melinda Sue~

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